We are searchers 

Old Time Americana Roots Music, AKA Stonerbilly…….

band group pic-pencilVisit the “listen” page to download all three albums for free!

We are Searchers, is an Alt/Country, Americana Roots Band, born from the dust
and tumbleweeds of the east Phoenix Valley. Picking and tapping away as a 5~piece
and delivering what hillbilly music can be from their back porch to your ear.. A musical
experience where young punks, and cowboy’s alike live in harmony, coming together
over cold PBR, whiskey, and gunfighter ballads with musical elements you just don’t hear
much anymore. Layers of traditional country mesh with bluegrass and grunge. Powerful
harmonies, blend with blazing strings. We are Searchers reaches for the quality in
American music, and shuns the quantity of soulless pop artists that flood the scene today.
With influences as far ranging as traditional bluegrass and folk to heavy metal and punk
rock there are no boundries set, and standard rules don’t apply. Fill your flask, pound
your beers, and put the dustiest set of boots in your closet on…you’ll fit right in. So keep
a look out, eyes peeled, ears to the pavement….we are Searchers is coming to a friendly
neighborhood watering hole near you.





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